Reference by pointer BSOD. Can't boot except in safe mode


Nov 16, 2014
A few days ago my 5 year old Sony vaio all-in-one was working fine except it wasn't connecting to the wifi, so I restarted the computer since my other wireless devices were able to use the internet. BSOD with reference by pointer listed at the bottom. Screen says it's at 100% but doesn't ever restart. If I push the power button it will turn of and if I turn it back on - 50% of the time I get the BSOD again, 50% of the time I have recovery options. Pressing f8 does not seem to influence this. All recovery options fail, cannot restore, reset, or reinstall windows. All I can do is restart in safe mode, and I can use the internet if I choose safe mode with networking, but I'm still stuck in safe mode.

At this point I'd just like to know what's wrong. Then we can try to fix it.
Any help is much appreciated, I've been lurking this community for a long time. I think you're all great.


Try running on your ram - it makes a bootable USB so doesn't need windows

There is nothing to fix. In most cases, BSOD is hardware problems. Testing memory doesn't always reveal problems. I've had systems where I have ran Prime 95 for days, MemTest for 4 days and they all come out fine. System crashes randomly. Replace the memory, problem solved. Or in another case, dual channel was causing the problem, replace the motherboard, problem solved.
Usually flakey computers are a slowly dying motherboard.
I've seen flakey power supplys, bad cables, dying UPS, overheating, overclocking, and all sorts of other problems... if your Windows is BSOD'ing all the time, you need to narrow down Windows or the Machine.
To do that, FRESH install of the OS. Download all FRESH drivers off the manufacturers website. See how stable system is. Start adding your programs in 1 by 1 over the course of a day.. 1 per day or 1 per week... see if system instabilities happen.
Not everyone can do this of course. Time restraints, knowledge etc...
Windows doesn't BSOD - it's not THAT bad. It does BSOD when your hardware is flakey, OR your windows got corrupted in some way (overclocking/virus, etc), and occasionally from bad drivers or mismatched drivers.
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