Question Reformated and now windows can't find GPU

Sep 18, 2023
Just reformatted Windows 10 (B560M-itx mobo, RTX 3070, i7-10700K CPU, 64GB RAM, 2TB M.2 SSD) and now it can't see my GPU. It was fine before the reformat. Here is what it's saying and what I've tried so far:
1. "Incorrect version of windows" when I try to install the drivers.
2. Can set the primary to PCIe1 (BIOS sees the card?)
3. My GPU HMDI output, lights and fans all work
4. On a mini itx with a riser cable but I've taken the mobo and gpu out to test without the cable, still didn't work

I've reformated before years ago and there was some setting or something I had to do it get it working. It's driving me crazy but I know the fix is something stupid and easy but I forgot what it was
Sep 25, 2023
Probably just a driver issue. Make sure Windows Version is fully up to date. Install the NVIDIA driver. Update BIOS. Check chipset driver.
Sep 18, 2023
Windows fully updated, i can use the hdmi port on both the gpu and motherboard now! but still no gpu
Cant install the gpu drivers, keep saying "Incorrect version of windows"
Chipset drivers says "Something went wrong: No driver was found that can be installed on current device"
BIOS can't update from the internet so I'm gonna look for a flash drive in a minute


Oct 13, 2020
Check device manager for any device with a yellow !. After that turn off the PC, plug the screen on the mobo, remove the 3070, get in windows, check again. Then Turn off the windows auto installing of drivers, uninstall whatever graphics driver is on, turn off the pc and then plug the 3070 again and see what happens. preferably also re-download the drivers
Sep 18, 2023
plug the screen on the mobo, remove the 3070, get in windows, check again.
I tried did this when I took out the mobo and gpu and didnt work

Updated bios to the newest version, nothing happen
However there is only PCI Simple Communications Controller that is yellow now (there was 3 things before)

Also the gpu driver now says "This DCH driver package is not compatible with the currently installed version of Windows." which is basically the same thing as before

EDIT: Now my bluetooth isnt working and multiple screens arent working either. Also after a reboot I see Video Controller in yellow for the device manager too. This is so frustrating
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