Question Reformated SSD to do a clean instal of win10, converted it to gpt and now it seems my hdd isnt recognized?


Jul 13, 2018
as title states; just reformatted my ssd so i could do a clean install of win10 and converted it to gpt. Now that ive got that up and running it says boot manager and the name of my ssd as the primary boot which is fine i guess, but my hdd wasnt able to be listed as a second boot option like it was prior to my reformatting of the ssd. I noticed when i started up my pc it starts normally and fine but now i dont have any of my apps or games anymore and whenever i try to locate them nothing comes up. Even though it says my HDD has the space taken up from my games. i try downloading a game and it makes me download the entire thing again even though clearly the space is taken up on my computer. Even when i go to try and uninstall from control panel it now only accesses my SDD and not my HDD so i could atleast uninstall the games. Any help appreciated to getting it back to how it was( making my SSD my boot and using my HDD to play games on)