reformating Dell Laptop without having Admin password

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Aug 27, 2014
Hello All,

I am trying to reformat my hard drive on my Dell laptop running windows 7. More specifically I am trying to restore to factory settings as I do not have the original OS disk, or a way to get a hold of it.
That being said I followed the steps of restoring a Dell Laptop to factory defaults that I found online.

Restart computer
Hit F8
Choose Repair computer in DOS screen
Select English
Select user

Selecting USER is where I run into problems. I only have the password for a user that does not have full administration rights. When I use this user name I only have the option for START UP REPAIR, not any other function like Dell Factory image Restore. There is an administrator user listed, which I am assuming would have access to the other options, but I do not have the admin password. Nor do I have anyway of getting it, this was an old company computer that was given to me and the company went out of business.

That being said, is there a way to reformat the hard drive by restoring to factory default without knowing the Admin Password?


We cannot know that this laptop is yours. Therefor we cannot help you with tasks to skip around a password. It's against the forum rules.
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