Question Reformatting xbox one external drive for pc


Aug 14, 2018

I have a maxtor m3 3tb usb 3 portable hard drive that was formatted for gamesa and apps on an xbox one s. I am repurposing the hard disk for my windows pro 10 pc. I have run into a problem reformatting with Disk Management. When I open Disk Management it asks me to initialise the external drive with either MBR or GPT. I chose MBR (the option is still there after to convert to GPT disk but none of my other drives are GPT disk as far as i know so chose MBR). However it is showing the 3tb separated as unallocated 2048GB and unallocated 746.52GB space in Disk Management. When right clicking i can select New simple volume on the 2048GB but no options are available on the 746GB unallocated space.

What i would like to do is format as NTFS with one 3TB volume, can anyone guide me through how to do this. (I have already attempted this unsuccessfully and have reformatted to this state of progress with my xbox because on pc in Disk Management it would not let me merge partitions to 3tb or even format the 746.52GB space).

Thanks in advance for any solution!