Jun 14, 2003
im running xp pro. Ok i know in order to reformat i need to stcik the disk in and go on fresh install. however this does not work. i dont get the option to reformat.
Also when i get to the partition screen i click D for delete but it says it cant due to setup files being on the harddrive. I have also tried pressing C for create new partition in order to install windows onto that but when i press C nothing happens.
so when i go onto next screen it gives me some info on dual OS's on a harddrive and then installs Xp again which means im stuck with two Xp's.
So how do i format the harddrive or make sure xp formats it while it is setting up.
the thing is i cant use fdisk because i dont have windows 98 any more, i lost it somewhere. So i need a way to do this by jus using xp. thanks ..sorry its a bit long

athlon 2500
512mb corsair xms 3200
radeon 9800np
80 gig hd


Dec 31, 2007
Boot your comp using XP Setup CD. Press ENTER for New Installation (not Repair) at the Setup menu screen. It will ask you to repair or new install since it finds your old XP system, choose new installation. When it shows the list of partitions in your system, highlight the one that you want to install your XP and press F for formatting.
If you prefer to use Win98 (or ME) setup disk, download from <b><A HREF="http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm" target="_new"><font color=red>Bootdisk.com</A></b></font color=red>

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