Regarding Forum profile SIGNATURE & Conversations/PMs. *feedback/request*

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Dear Forum Staff/Admin/Manager,

I would like to make a simple request regarding two features/options which every forum member's account is having, Forum signature/SIG and Conversations/Private Messages (PMs). I will keep this short and simple.

First off, for the Forum signature/sig part can we have a "preview" button option so that before saving the changes we can view how the SIG looks ? I know the banner dimensions should be 400x75 pixels, as outlined under this thread, but it would be great to have an option in which the system gives an alert or warning of some sort, if the user's sig dimensions and/or contents are beyond the forum guidelines/rules.

I know some large images will be automatically scaled down to fit properly, but if the software tells the user the exact current sig dimensions in the EDIT window itself, then that would be nice.

But a proper preview button, and having some MORE formatting options for the sig would be great to have. I still think a PREVIEW button for the sig would be a welcome change, at least for me. Right now, I had no other option but to refresh any forum thread in which I have posted a reply to see the changes in action (SIG dimensions, whether they are too large or too small).

Hitting the F5 key was the only feasible solution for me, lol.

Lastly, can we have an option and ability to permanently DELETE private conversations/messages, PM that is ? My inbox is now currently flooded by too many PMs, since some users have been again asking for help via PM, which I don't offer. I have said this before as well.

But anyways, we only have the following options for PMs, as shown in this screenshot below. There is no DELETE option if I'm not mistaken. So please implement this, so that we can clear some message clutter from our inbox.

Thanks for reading, Nick.

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"Leave Conversation" removes the PM from your inbox. Always has.

Oh, that's strange. Wow, it works.

I never thought the "leave' option will also automatically delete the message entirely as well. Never paid attention to this feature, nor used it either. Anyway, it appears that when we select the second option, "Ignore future messages", the said PM will be deleted from the inbox as well.

Kind of weird though. They should have actually worded it more like, "Leave or permanently delete the conversation", instead of just 'leave'. But anyways, it is now working as intended. I just nuked 2 messages !

THANK YOU for your help. Really appreciate it.
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