Question regular fps drops in while gaming

Feb 9, 2021
Hey so i'm having an issue with my fps dropping regularly seemingly in an interval as seen in this picture, the GPU load drops down to almost 0, while the fps in world of warcraft drops down to around 20. the temperature is stable around the 50-degree celsius.

I've tried turning off gsync, and tweaking with the in game setting but even at the lowest settings, these drops seem to keep happening. no matter what the load of the GPU is on at the time.
The CPU and Ram, doesn't seem to spike at all. at first, i just thought it was my pc getting old, so I upgraded the CPU, motherboard, ram and got a new m.2 SSD drive, and kept my 2060 graphic card and my ax750 PSU.
CPU: I9 10900K
PU: Geforce RTX 2060
Motherboard: Meg z490 Ace
Ram: 32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3200 C16
M.2 SN850 1TB

I hope some of you might know what this could be. myself I'm kinda starting to think it's the psu not being able to fully feed the gpu the power it needs

in advance thanks for the help ^^
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