Regular lag spikes(~4x/h), router ISP or adapter? Diagnosing help needed


Sep 8, 2015

Im looking for help diagnosing my internet connection problems.

I have semi-regular lag spikes, mostly noticeable when gaming. In league of legens I get a spike around 2x/30min. During the spike it seems that i completely lose internet connection, Teamspeak goes silent for a while while in league I get reconnecting to server. For a while(5-10s) teamspeak still shows ~30ms, although there is no sound/connection and when i get sound/connection back, ping suddenly drops from around 5000+ms back to normal in seconds. It also feels like I have the same problem while browsing aswell, only harder to spot.

Im on a 100/100 connection via ethernet cable directly connected to the modem. I believe my PC runs internet adapter through motherboard(Asus M4A87TD).

I have formatted multiple times, currently running windows 10. Previously with win 7 the lag spikes were even more prominent, especially when coming out of sleep mode, it took regularly more than 10 minutes to get a working connection.

I have tried various versions of realtek drivers on my adapter.
I have tried different ethernet cables and ports on my modem and PC.
I've reset and factory reset my modem.
There are no visible programs using network in process manager.
I've tried disarming firewalls and using various different programs.
I have NOT tried another router(im broke as shit and dont want to buy a new one unless I need it).
I've tried tethering my 4g mobile through USB as adapter, i get similar issues with this, but i suspect the culprit being my phone in this case.

Im fairly sure the problem is either my modem, ISP or my motherboard, but im not sure how to diagnose it at this point.
How could I monitor my network performance during gaming to get some actual data of the spikes? Is pinging via CMD viable or are there better alternatives?

Help and instructions are very appreciated, this lag destroys my K/D ratios ^_^

Best regards,

EDIT: Full setup comes later today, this is what I remember
GPU:GTX960 series
Power: 600W
Ram: 8g, DDR3
Processor, 6 core intel


Aug 9, 2012
You really need a different device to determine where the problem is. Maybe you phone is good enough if your wireless signal is ok. You can get a ping app that constantly runs. If both have a issue at the same time it means it is not your PC.

You could leave a constant ping to your router run in your PC in the background. If the ping to the router works when you have issues then the problem is likely the ISP.

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