Reinstall Windows with Striped Drives


May 16, 2012
I have a windows pc, I have one ssd with windows and programs and I have 4 x 2tb drives with striped, the stripe was setup under Windows Disk management so they are dynamic drives.

If I blow away the windows on the ssd, and reinstall will the new installation see and mount the striped drives without losing data?
This answer is theoretical; I have not tried it. Yes, it will. Every dynamic volume contains a table of information about all the dynamic volumes on the system. The new OS should be able to re-construct the stripes from those tables.

Now two practical suggestions. One, back up the data first just in case. Two, test it! Take out the SSD, install a spare HDD, install win7 to the spare HDD, and see if it can see the stripes. If not, put the SSD back and get your old OS back.