Reinstalled OS now storage drive missing


Jan 6, 2012
My original setup was Windows 7 installed on Corsair Force GT 64gb SSD and changed registry to install everything else on my 500gb Barracuda storage drive. Worked fine but had a few other things I wanted on my SSD but was pretty pressed for space with OS on there.

So I got a second Force GT 64gb set them up in raid 0 and reinstalled Windows. When prompted to select a location to install windows, I also had the option to format drives. I didn't know if existing data on my storage drive would cause issues with new install, so I cleared it.

Windows installed fine and I installed the Intel and Asmedia SATA drivers, but my storage drive doesn't appear anywhere. I checked the connections on the drive and mobo power connector is good as well as SATA connectors. I'm not sure where to go and I have read through a bunch of forums but nothing quite matching issue, so I thought I would ask you guys. Any ideas? Thanks!