Mar 1, 2006
I recently did a clean reinstall of XP and am now in the process of re-installing the apps.

I want to reinstall them in the same directories - which are NOT on the C drive. I have my drives all backed up to an external usb drive, so I won't lose any settings for games or data for application like SoundForge.

Some apps won't install to the same directory becasue they say they arleady exists. Some get partially thru them bomb on duplicate files. Some replace all the data files with empty files.

Bottom line... and this is what I need confirmation on - if i do what it takes to get the app back into the location I want, can I then copy over all the data files from back up and have the app look like and act like it did before the XP reinstall?
Theoretically, it should work. I haven't seen a app yet where you couldn't copy the data over after installing the program and not be able to access the data. Of course, I'm sure some program will prove me wrong.