Jul 8, 2010
Hello, I'm having big problems with my fujitsu laptop. Had it 18months and it came pre installed with Vista Home Basic. Not had any problems with it until Saturday when it started to power off for no reason.

I run a virus scan in safe mode and all was fine but it kept powering off when using it normally. MS had sent some updates, one of which kept failing. Anyway one time it was tryign to do the updates and it powered off which seems to have corrupted a few files.

It now cannot load up - says problem signature 05 & 06 corrupt files. I downloaded a vista repair cd but this doesn't work, comes up with error code 0x80070002. I have a Windows 7 disc so I was going to install that over Vista but it won't recognise it.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do please?!! Is there somewhere I can download a Vista installation disk? Also, do you think it was a virus causing the powering off - it hasn't done it since so I don't think it is the power lead.

Thanks so much, I am a computer numpty :)
Well, I used a Vista repair CD I made the other day to repair the registry on a Vista machine I use. The repair worked perfectly. The chances are good running a Vista repair disk may get the system back up and running. Make a Vista repair disk here. BTW, you have to boot the system to the repair disk by changing the first boot device in BIOS to DVD.