Reinstalling Windows 7-64bit, what drivers to remember

Hey community,

So i decided that there are just too many problems with Windows 7-64bit at the moment on my system and I am going to reinstall it. I am putting most of my files onto a backup external, including music and steam games, and whatever save game files I can find.

Can anyone give me some tips on what to do here? I'm trying to find what drivers I might need to put onto the external to install after. I have the graphics drivers; what other ones should I grab?

Also, if I should do anything else feel free to tell me.

Thanks for the help,
the one driver you want to get before reinstalling is the ethernet or wireless driver--whichever method you connect to the internet

if you have internet access then you can get all the others drivers once windows is installed


Do you have the motherboard install cd? The graphics driver you can always download and Windows has a generic driver to get you by in the meantime and most all drivers you can download. Like mcnumty said you do want the ethernet or network card driver , and if you are using the intergrated one on the motherboard and have that cd then the driver for it is on that cd.
If your exrernal drive is big enough you can create a backup file on the external and restore from that , if you go into the action center you can select to backup your computer , then you can restore from that backup.


Dec 31, 2011
@McMurphy, This is HORRIBLE advice.

If this message is not too late, Here some advice with some "safety" built in such that you can resurrect your system whether the internet is present or NOT!

Firstly, You should backup your system, totally, first. then, you should also grab Window's driver files from the Windows folder to a CD/DVD/USB

Next, I am assuming you have the PC's vendor's "Restore Partition" or the vendor's Restore CD/DVD handy and KNOW HOW TO GET TO IT. at boot time Then, its a simple task to get your system operational again.

But, if you have a purchased copy of Windows (CD/DVD), then you will need almost always need your drivers CD/DVD/USB that you created earlier for Windows will need this to finalized the controllers on your motherboard.

Hope this helps and hope it keeps you safe.

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