Relatively Cheap gaming rig "upgrade"


Oct 24, 2012
Hello, firstly, I would like to point out that it's my very first time posting here, and I'm also kind of new to the whole PC building thingy so please understand if I say something stupid or something, anyway, to cut to the chase, I am "upgrading" my PC. The reason behind the " in "upgrading" is because I already have a PC, however it's utterly outdated and bad, and after 6 years of frustration and joy altogether, It's starting to die out...
My current PC (it's a premade pc which my parents bought for me 6 years ago) specs are as follows:

2 GB of Ram DDR2
Zotac geforce 440gt 2gb synergy edition GPU ( the previous one which died off was nvidia 8600 GT)
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2,8 Ghz
motherboard - Asus IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)
350 W PSU
500 GB HDD.

A few months ago the GPU died and I was kind of lazy to actually invest any more into the pc as I knew it's really old and something else was going to die off soon so I bought a Zotac Nvidia geforce 440gt 2gb synergy edition. I couldn't buy anything else because of the 350w PSU restriction.

However now my PSU has started to fail... PC randomly shuts down, etc... Light blinks instead of steady green. So I decided to do an upgrade. I know my pc is utter crap to begin with (especially for gaming) But I am content with it as I can run most games on low/medium settings with steady 30/60 fps.
Since I have a bit of money at hand, I've decided to only keep the HDD and GPU + I will add stuff like DVD rom etc from my current pc. Yeah I know the GPU is crap for gaming but I'm going to upgrade it as soon as I get enough money. (I'm 1 year away from adulthood so I don't have a normal job, it's why I don't have much money to begin with).

And So, I want your guys opinion on the PC parts I've ordered:

CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition
Motherboard - ASROCK AM3+ 970 DDR3 USB3 SATA6 GBE ATX
And a stick of CORSAIR DDR3-1333 4GB RAM. Also will buy another 4 gb stick once I get more money.
All this costs something like 300 dolars. Which is pretty cheap. (Also I live in Europe so It's just according to my rough calculation)
Then I also have my zotac Nvidia geforce 440GT 2gb synergy version and my 500 GB HDD which I will add.

In due time I will buy a better GPU, but right now I just want some opinions on the current system I'm building.
PS. I would also LOVE some insights or tips because It's the first time I'm upgrading, etc. So I'm very inexperienced in all of this (well, don't think I'm a total noob, I do know the basics about PC's and computers in general, it's just that I have no experience)


I'm feeling like that is nowhere in the pricerange at all.

And I'm guessing if the case isnt like a HP or Dell case, you can re-use the case as well.

But something nicer and newer is not that expensive. The parts you have are nice, but that 965 is an overclockable processor. If you are thinking of overclocking you may want to think about a CPU fan.

I don't know what website you would use in the UK. Would you mind helping me help you?