Question Relatively poor performance with the new GTX 1650 super


Nov 22, 2013
Hey guys. About 2 weeks back, I purchased a ASUS TUF GTX 1650 SUPER OC as a replacement card for my GTX 650. Of course, the performance boost was phenomenal, but when i compared it to the benchmarks run by everyone else on youtube and other sources with the same card, I'm getting quite bad results.

Ive 12 gigs of 1600Mhz RAM, (3x 4GB)
GTX 1650 super
i5 4690 under a corsair h45 cooler,
250gigs SSD,
roughly 2gigs of HDD
a 650W PSU Cooler master G650M
on a h97 motherboard
Monitor is the Samsung SyncMaster b2030, 900p, but will mostly change that since its sorta 11ish years old
(NOTE: My CPU, motherboard, PSU are the ones i carried over from an old rig. They're about 6 years old. I only recently bought the H45 cooler, but with stock my CPU temps used to hit the 90s. I had a GTX 770 but that died in 3 years.)

is quite crappy, with textures not loading properly, the vegetation has many parallel random lines on them. And i get an average of 54 fps at even suboptimal settings, at 1080p. I even compared the warzone performance to a person on youtube with the SAME processor (i5 4690) and he got 70+ easily with better settings at 1080p.
AC Unity is another headache, as I get dips as far as 43, when i should be getting a solid 60ish average. But its very rarely 60+, only on the roofs.
Syndicate is slightly better but its still quite lower than what most people have reported with their GTX 1650Ss'.
Genshin impact should easily give 60+ without any dips, but occasionally it dips all the way to 45.
Same goes for AC3 Remastered, which should easily give 60+, but goes to 42)

I tried benchmarking the GPU alone. At stock, I got a score of 2337 with extreme preset, 1080p in Unigine Superposition. Guru3d did a superposition benchmark with their MSI and Zotac 1650S too, and their score was almost 2480ish. I had to OC my card with power at 120 percent, Core set to +11,0, Memory set to +350, Voltage to +60, and Fan at 80 to achieve somewhat near results (2477). Should i be worried?
Heaven gave me a score of 1891 at stock, as compared to 2300ish that many others got. (2x AA, Medium, Extreme tesselation, 1080p)

My CPU is at 100 percent load @3.9Ghz with unity, at times with syndicate, but TEMPS ARE ALWAYS LESS THAN 65 C. Graphics card temps dont exceed 68 C. I'm not exactly sure if the GPU is the problem, or my CPU is the problem or if its my PSU.

I used HWinFO:
12V- Max 12.096, Min 12
5V- Max and Min 5.08
3.3V- 3.36 everything

GPU Z keeps saying the card is in idle. At one point it said Vrel and PWR but its mostly idle now with PWR rarely, even when load is nearly 100. Thats another thing, apart from benchmarks, the GPU doesnt hit 100 at all. Its always 70-90 percent usage.
Im not sure if this helps but my monitor as 900p native, and i am using 1920x 1080p as a custom resolution.
I tried using DDU and do a fresh install, change my PCI-E cable, change the PCIE slot, but theres no difference. I am quite concerned about this state. Thanks in advance!