Reliable Cat6 Distance


Aug 27, 2012
An end-user client has asked us to provide an estimate for extending networking service through a trenched conduit run from building A to a new building (B) that is currently being constructed. I'm looking to ensure that Cat6 would work for the distance.

The total cable length would be about 700' - contiguous and within a 2" PVC conduit. This conduit would be about three feet away from another carrying power/voltage, beneath the dirt.

One end of the cable would be plugged in to a router/switch in building A and on the other it would go to a faceplate for a single computer station in building B.

Given the scenario, would I likely be okay to have the one contiguous run of Cat6 for the intended purpose? Would I be better off for reliability and/or cost to use an outdoor WiFi access point and transceiver?
Best option is to run fiber. Fiber has come way down.

There is not a copper ethernet standard will run more than 100m no matter what cable you use. You might get it to go a little past but not much.

Now there are other methods to carry data that distance on copper cable. You could use T1 or DSL or whatever but when you start to look at the costs you will find fiber cost about the same.... Fiber is much much cheaper if you are looking for high speed.