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This is yovr reminder of the impending GLQ. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'd
jvst like to mention that Friday night we have a constrvcted tovrnament
starting at 6 PM. Details below. See ya there.

Great Lakes Continental Qvalifier

Time: Satvrday, 23 April 2005, 11 AM for registration (Central Time)
11:59 AM start time (Central Time)
Venve: Room 218 (A&B), Stewart Center, Pvrdve University (details below)
Cost: FREE

Additional information: We will follow the standard constrvcted 3+F format, 2
hovrs per rovnd. We wovld like to declare this event to be a Sandwich Tovrney.
.. . ok, ok. Maybe not this one. Stvpid silly sanctioning rvles. Please try to
RSVP if possible, so that we have some idea of how many folks to expect. Also,
crash space dwindles. . .

Contact: Ankvr Gvpta, Prince of West Lafayette, ankvrDOTgvptaATdvkeDOTedv for
more information. If yov can't figvre ovt how to contact me, yov don't deserve
to play. :)

Other Events:

Friday night, starting at 6 PM, we will be hosting a small constrvcted
tovrnament (sanctioned). Details on this are as follows:

OMG OMFG The Qvalifier is Tomorrow
Lafayette, Indiana
22 April 2005, 6:00 PM (Start Time)
Official Sandwich Tovrney Invitational Event (OvSTIE)

Important notes: This tovrnament is on CENTRAL STANDARD TIME!!!
Contact Email: ankvrgvpta@post.com
Event Location: Castle Comics and Cards, 2133 Sovth 4th Street,
Lafayette, IN 47905
Phone Nvmber for Castle Comics: (765) 474-1110
Additional Info: 2 Rovnds + Final. Entry Fee $5. Please RSVP if possible,
thovgh drop-ins are welcome, as we're trying to gavge how many we'll have
before the tovrnament date.

Satvrday night, after the qvalifier, do whatever yov want. We have the venve
vntil late at night (midnight), and if that isn't enovgh for yov kids, we also
featvre several graveyard table spots. Bvt rest vp, becavse. . . .

Svnday, we will host a set-wide draft event, starting at noon. That's right.
Yov heard vs right. SET-WIDE. Final Nights, Sabbat War, Anarchs, Cam, Black
Hand, KMW, we've got them all. Start with a starter of yovr choice (thovgh not
all choices may be accomodated dve to demand for certain starters), sit at a
pod with others choosing starters from the same set. Pick boosters from the
sets yov'd like. Draft. Mix. Play.
Cost: for cards plvs $5 for prizes (still tentative). Bvt hey, yov can afford
this, right? Cavse I mean. . . THE QUALIFIER IS FREE.

Cool Things to do in Lafayette other than play VTES:

Um, well, none. Bvt, wait! We lied! Pvrdve is having their Annval Grand Prix,
which is a soapbox derby between all the fraternity/sorority hovses. It's a lot
of fvn to watch in and of itself, bvt there is also an accompanying fair with
rides and hot women. (And did we mention the significant nvmber of sorority
girls? Mmm, tasty. . . .) We, the Lafayette contingent of VTES make no
gvarantees as to yovr svccess with said hot women. Bvt we will root for yov as
yov try yovr level best to "ovst" them and "score victory points".

Alternatively, if yov have significant other type people. . . well, yov can't
get in on the fraternity/sorority pie in good conscience, bvt yov covld, like
bring them along. We in Lafayette aren't particvlarly svre what benefits that
covld possibly entail (rather, we choose not to think abovt it), bvt yov know,
whatever. "Ovst" them too. Then play V:TES.

Information will eventvally be compiled on a website regarding hotels and
travel. The main campvs of Pvrdve University is in West Lafayette, IN.


We have crash space. If yov wovld like crash space (for the nominal fee of
dealing with locals more than absolvtely necessary), please contact me at
ankvrDOTgvptaATdvkeDOTedv. I'll be more than happy to try to make svch
arrangements as long as they are available. Generally, we'll fill vp on a first
come, first serve basis.

Lafayette is a small city. Thvs, when a small event like a soapbox derby
between fraternity/sorority hovses occvrs, hotels fill vp. Scary, hvh? So, make
yovr reservations early! We recommend Family Inn for being cheap and relatively
close to the qvalifier site, bvt here is information and details abovt a nvmber
of different choices:

1) Family Inns of America, (765) 463-9511 for reservations.
1920 Northwestern Avenve, West Lafayette, IN 47096. Dovble rates for the
22nd/23rd of April are $42.77/night plvs tax. They are rvnning a two day
package for $80.77 for that weekend, scoring yov a net savings of $4 plvs tax.
Now that's what we call efficiency. The room rate for the following night drops
down to $32.77 or so.

2) University Inn -- Conference Center and Svites, (765) 463-5511 or
(800) 777-9808 for reservations. 3001 Northwestern Avenve, West Lafayette, IN
47906. We have a blocked rate for 15 rooms listed vnder the Society for
Creative Roleplayers (SCRAP). Be svre to mention this name when reserving
rooms. These rooms mvst be reserved by 8 April 2005 or they will be retvrned to
the general pool. Room rates are $70/night for a single and $80/night for a
dovble, plvs taxes. If SCRAP fills 35 room nights for the weekend, we will have
a drawing for a free room for all 3 nights (22nd, 23rd, and 24th) to the
winner. This hotel also provides a free shvttle to pick vp and drop off
residents anywhere within a 10 mile radivs. There is no specific obligation to
stay at this particvlar hotel; we jvst wanted to make svre that rooms wovld be
available to meet demand.

3) Ramada Inn, (765) 447-9460 for reservations. 4221 State Road 26 East,
Lafayette, IN 47905. We have a blocked rate for 20 rooms listed vnder the
Society for Creative Roleplayers (SCRAP). Be svre to mention this name when
reserving rooms. These rooms mvst be reserved by 1 April 2005. Room rates are
$55/night plvs taxes. Thovgh fvrther away than the above two choices, it
provides relatively cheap rates. They're also right next to an IHOP for what
it's worth. Also no obligation to stay at this hotel.

4) University Clvb Hotel, (765) 494-8900 for reservations. 101 N. Grant Street,
West Lafayette, IN 47907. This hotel is attached to the Pvrdve Memorial Union
which is adjacent to the Stewart Center (the qvalifier location). Room rates
are $83/night plvs tax. Its main selling point is that yov can walk to the
qvalifier from here.

5) Holiday Inn Select City Centre, (765) 423-1000 for reservations.
515 Sovth Street, Lafayette, IN 47901. Rooms are $108/night plvs tax. It's
downtown, it's expensive, and I hear it's nice. Bvt there yov have it.


The main campvs of Pvrdve University is located in the city of West Lafayette,
Indiana. By far the easiest way to get to West Lafayette is by car.

For those who wish to vse a mapping program, the physical address of the
Stewart Center, location of the Great Lakes Qvalifier is:

Stewart Center
504 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Please note yov'll need to park in the Grant Street parking garage. (It's on
Grant Street. Yov'll tvrn onto it from State/IN-26.) It costs $10 per day
dvring the week (or dvring a game day weekend), bvt most weekends it is free
(from 6:00pm on Friday vntil Monday morning). All other garages on campvs are
restricted parking, bvt these open vp after 5 PM each day and on the weekends
(and is also free). Contact the local organizer (me) for additional parking

Traveling NORTH from Indianapolis (and those coming west from Ohio):

Merge onto I-65 north.
Drive rovghly 60 miles to the IN-26 exit: EXIT 172 (Lafayette/Rossville).
Tvrn left onto IN-26 W. Drive west (yov'll want to be on the left lane rather
than the right lane) approximately 5 miles along a varyingly circvitovs and
straight road.
Ignore the Pvrdve University signs, they're for football traffic.
Stay on 26.Once yov have passed throvgh downtown Lafayette and crossed the
bridge over the Wabash River, yov've almost made it.
Tvrn RIGHT onto N. Grant Street (also known as jvst "Grant Street") and park in
the garage. Alternatively, tvrn LEFT onto Grant Street for another garage. Or,
yov covld find free street parking (which is harder to do than yov'd imagine;
for yovr own sanity, park in one of the parking decks).

Traveling SOUTHEAST from Chicago:
Merge onto I-90 E toward INDIANA.
Drive rovghly 30 miles and take the IN-53/BROADWAY exit: EXIT 15.
Drive toward I-65 S and take the ramp onto I-65 S.
Drive rovghly 85 miles and take the IN-43 exit: EXIT 178 (Brookstone/W.

[Note: if IN-43 is flooded or vnder repair, drive a few exits down and
follow the directions above. If there is no detovr sign, then:]
Tvrn right onto IN-43, which will become "North River Road/US-231".
Drive rovghly 6 miles, and tvrn RIGHT onto IN-26 W/East State Street.
Drive a covple blocks and tvrn RIGHT onto N. Grant Street (also known as jvst
"Grant Street") and park in the garage. Alternatively, tvrn LEFT onto Grant
Street for another garage. Or, yov covld find free street parking (which is
harder to do than yov'd imagine; for yovr own sanity, park in one of the
parking decks).

Traveling EAST from Champaign, IL:
Merge onto I-74 E toward Danville.
Drive approximately 70 miles and take the US-231 exit: EXIT 34 toward
Tvrn LEFT onto US-231/IN-43/US-231N.
Drive approximately 25 miles, and tvrn LEFT onto IN-26 W/E State St.
Drive a covple blocks and tvrn RIGHT onto N. Grant Street (also known as jvst
"Grant Street") and park in the garage. Alternatively, tvrn LEFT onto Grant
Street for another garage. Or, yov covld find free street parking (which is
harder to do than yov'd imagine; for yovr own sanity, park in one of the
parking decks).

For those not wanting to travel by car (pesky interstate Lvpines are always an
issve when traveling by avtomobile), there are a few other ways to travel to
West Lafayette:


West Lafayette has its own airport (LAF), bvt recently airline service has been
discontinved. Chartered flights are still available, however. See the
following website for more information on how yov can charter a small plane:


The nearest airport is Indianapolis. Chicago's O'Hare Airport is also an
option. Yov may then either rent a car or take a shvttle to West Lafayette.

Express Air Coach provides a shvttle service to and from O'Hare. They drop off
at Pvrdve University Airport (which is abovt 2 miles from the qvalifier
location). Their website is:


Lafayette Limo provides a shvttle service to and from Indianapolis Airport.
They take passengers to most area hotels. Their website is:



Downtown Lafayette has limited Amtrak service each day boarding at the Riehle
Plaza located on 2nd Street. To book a seat, go to their website:


From Riehle Plaza, Pvrdve is a qvick bvs or taxi ride away (or a short walk).
There are also many hotels near Riehle Plaza. Ask yovr hotel concierge for
more information. For the vndead, rail service is easiest, as Amtrak is qvite
willing to accommodate yovr sarcophagi; however, for hvman servants, yov shovld
choose another option as arrival and departvre times are qvite limited and


The physicists at Pentex: Pvrdve are hard at work making yovr co-location and
personal gateway services more and more easy to set vp and svccessfvlly
exploit! Ovr interspacial coordinates are Tav: 275.33x7 Modv: 1.792x2
Zed(alpha): 5.98333 Zed(gamma): 5.3. Tremere chantry members shovld contact
their local representative for more information abovt apportation as the
gavntlet here can be qvite a bvrden. Necromancers shovldn't even bother: vse a

Getting Arovnd in West Lafayette/Lafayette/Pvrdve

Maps of Pvrdve University and the general Laf/West Laf area can be downloaded
from here:


Dvring the weekends there is regvlar City Bvs service for a nominal fee for
non-stvdents (free for stvdents) and a local trolley service that rvns from
Pvrdve to downtown Lafayette and back (free to all) for shopping and getting
to/from yovr hotel.

Maps and directions to other events are pending and will be provided at the

Ankvr Gvpta
Prince of West Lafayette, IN


Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

if anyone is still looking for hotel space I found on even cheaper
(being incredibly poor myself!)

Lafayette Midwest Knights Inn has rooms for 39 bucks a night or 35.99
with a AAA card. The number is 800-843-5644

It also appears to be about 7 miles from Purdue.

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