Remodeling and Booting Problems

Max Lazer

Jul 3, 2008
*not sure if this is the right section to post this*

Just did some maintenance work on my computer today; cleaning out dust and such. In addition, I took the opportunity to rearrange some of the expansion cards in my computer and install a new Firewire card I'd ordered. Having successfully done all of that, I put everything back together, plugged everything in, and started up the computer.
My monitor reads "Please Check Signal Cable," which is normal when I start my computer up. Only this time, it stays up there longer, and after wards it announces that it is going into off (sleep) mode, for no reason at all. Not sure what the problem is, I try moving the cable to each of the other four ports I have for my monitor, none of which causes any change. I tried removing the CrossFire bridge, and nothing happens.
What alerted me to a possible problem outside of the monitor is what the LCD screen that came with my motherboard read: DET DRAM. And it continued reading this, long after the computer should have finished starting up. Turning the speakers on revealed no start up sound either, so now I find myself trying to figure out why my computer will turn on, but not actually do anything.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows what's going on here, and how I might fix it.
The most likely causes of your problem would be either a piece of hardware that isn't fully seated or a power connector that you forgot to plug back in. I would make sure the GPU and RAM are fully seated as well as the 24-pin motherboard power connector, 4/8-pin CPU power connector, and any GPU power connectors. Posting your complete computer specs will help us offer more specific help.

The "READ before posting about boot problems!" sticky at the top of the forum has a handy checklist for troubleshooting problems like yours.
Pull the Firewire card out and try again.

Did you touch your RAM at all? Move chips to different slots there too? Make sure it's all in the proper slots and seated. And all other cards are seated properly. (Can't help further because we have no idea of your system specs).

Googling "DET DRAM" yielded many threads, including this one:

You might try looking at some of those threads for something that rings a bell, or post your specs here and we'll try to go further.

Max Lazer

Jul 3, 2008
I looked through the list on the "Read Before Posting" thing, and as far as I know, everything checked out.
The only thing I moved around in my PC were the expansion cards.

As for my specs:
Intel Core2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz
x4 2GB OCZ DDR2 1066 RAM
Visiontek Radeon HD4850
HIS Hightech Radeon HD4850 (dual slot)
HTO Striker 7.1 sound card
TIIS Firewire card (x3 Firewire 800)
Asus Rampage Formula x48 motherboard.

When I installed the firewire card, I took the opportunity to make some changes with the cards that I had wanted to try out. Since I have an Antec 900 case, the power supply is at the bottom, under the motherboard, and I had placed my sound card and my Visiontek card over it. Since the Visiontek card is only single slot, I wanted to switch its position with that of my HIS card, which had dual slots for the cooling system (to give it more space inside, since I was overclocking it to match the HIS card). This necessitated moving the Striker 7.1 card to another slot.
I placed the firewire card in between the video cards (due to the way the motherboard is organized).
None of the changes seemed a big deal to me; at least not big enough to prevent my computer from booting at least to a BIOS so I could check everything....
Again, last I checked, I could not find anything that was improperly connected.
Well, after pulling the Firewire card and trying, the next things I'd try in order are (1) pull all but one stick of RAM and try, (2) swap in a new power supply and try. That's the area your mobo appears to be complaining about.

What psu are you using? How old is it? Is it possible the Fire Wire card was the last straw?

I presume the rig had been running for a while. Did you have to mess with RAM voltage to get it to boot when you built/got it? Is it possible BIOS got reset?