Question Remote controlling iTunes on a locked Windows 10 PC


Mar 21, 2012
I listen to music played in iTunes on my personal Windows 10 PC while I am working on a company laptop. Both are connected to my monitors / keyboard / mouse via a KVM. When I'm working and want to pause my music (incoming call etc.) I have to switch the KVM back to the PC, unlock the PC with its password and then press the play / pause button on my PC. Can someone think of a way to pause / play my music without having to switch back to and login to the Windows 10 PC? The Apple iTunes "Remote" app seems unreliable, plus I would prefer a simpler 'one press' solution.

I'm guessing possible solutions will involve some kind of media remote control but I assume these won't work when the PC is locked? The current play / pause on the keyboard doesn't have any effect when the PC is blocked.

Thanks in anticipation...