Question Remote desktop tower in basement monitor in living room

Apr 9, 2019
Im building 2 systems that I want to know if I could just do one. Currently I have an old headless dual chip Xeon Quad Core server in my basement as a PLEX server (running 4gb of ddr2 667mhz, super slow) that I connect to with my regular computer via remote desktop in my living room. I am building a new i9 system to replace the living room computer that I am wondering if I can place it in my basement and be used as the new plex server and have a remote desktop setup to my living room. I like the idea of no tower or fans in my living room, just a monitor, keyboard, and mouse running through a box using the network. I dont game or watch movies so the unit doesnt have to play 4k. It is a regular internet browsing computer and also use the i9 for makeMKV and handbrake. I feel like large companies might already do this so every workstation doesnt have a tower and just connects to a company server.


Keep in mind that Remote Desktop is just an emulator, it's not a true virtual machine or something of that nature. You won't get the full functionality and hardware acceleration that you would if you're using the actual hardware itself. If you were to pull this off, you would have to have some sort of receiving unit for the tower in order to run virtual PC like an NUC or Intel PC stick running a full version of Windows on it.

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