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Hello All,

I am in a sort of dilemma now a day with my 2 dsl connections and I need some expert advice to solve it.

The scenario is like this:

I have 2 dsl connections from different providers and the 1st dsl (Provider A) provider give me unlimited data @ 1 mbps and the 2nd one (Provider B) downgrades to 256 kbps from 1mbps after 10 gb of data is downloaded. Provider A is not that stable and goes down 3-4 times in a month and Provider B works 365 days a year without any problem but they don’t have any unlimited download plan.

Previously I had 1 connection with limited speed and connected with 1 desktop and 2 laptops. Desktop was kind of a server for accessing files and storing recordings. So we used to remote login using “remote desktop connection” from the 2 laptops from time to time.

Because we are a surveillance company, I hooked my 2 laptops with provider A because of more speed & the desktop with provider B because it’s on a static ip line. Now I have lost my flexibility of remote desktop.
I know that both the providers have their own ip’s that’s why I cannot do remote desktop. And I have to keep both the providers because of the stability issues.

So is there a way to combine these 2 dsl connections, so that I still have my remote desktop capabilities and have the speed.


Your simple way is to connect all your equipment together so all PC can see each other and use both internet connections.

BUT there are lots of details. Some of the key things would be
Put all your devices on the same network. say
Then assign one router say and other other router
You would then set the laptop gateway to use say and the desktop to use is for internet access only.
Since you would have assigned the laptop and the desktops other ip from 192.168.100.xx they could directly access each other.

And before you ask yes you CAN use both internet connections on all your PC (if for example one failed) but it is a long discussion. Understanding how the ROUTE command on a PC works is the first step.
Go to one of the computers on provider A. Go to this site to get your WAN address.

Now, when you are away and need to use remote desktop, just use this address. it will work until the next time your router on provider A decides to change the address, in which case will show the new address.

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