RemoteFX setup (need some serious help) 2


Aug 11, 2012
i have gotten pretty far, and everything works as a proof of concept, but i have found no instructions on how to go further (although i have seen a ton of people saying it can and has been done), by which i mean, optimize RemoteFX and Hyper-V to allow near lagless gaming through remote desktop over a gigabit LAN network

i guess i would just like to know how to setup RemoteFX properly step by step, to allow remote gaming (though still in the same network)

i7 2600k
sabertooth p67
2xGTX590's (4 GPU's total)
12gb ram
^this is the host server's spec's, laptop(RDP client) is nowhere near this

also, something i would like to do (if even possible): try and setup 3 seperate VM's under Hyper-V, each with a seperate GPU powering it to allow several people to play on the same machine, as i get phenomenal performance even with SLI off, and i seem to have the RAM and CPU to support this strange of an endeavor

i have the better part of 24 hours already invested in this project and i will try anything to get it to work

Thank you for any help you can provide!

i know this has been posted in another thread already, just trying to get more people to see it