Remove hard disc from barracuda 7200 10


Oct 18, 2011
Hello,I have an External Drive packard Bell store & save 350.the actual drive is a Seagate 7200.10 I used it primarily as my backup. Yes you guessed it, one morning when switched on along with my PC it failed to work (Drive did not show on pc). Aftr checking USB & Power cables.
! can the Hard Disc be removed and placed into a donor drive. This may be a lot cheaper than data recovery. I would have most of the data already on my pc but there are a few old file i could do with.
Batty, you need to be a little more specific about what you want to do. "can the Hard Disc be removed and placed into a donor drive?" sounds like you want to extract the disk platters and put them into another drive. You can't do this. Professionals with clean rooms and some pretty fancy tools might be able to, but one speck of dust or a skin flake will destroy the drive.

What we usually do is follow this sequence of tests, or something like it.

0) Report any loud noises, unusual vibration, odors, smoke or flames coming from the drive.

1) Remove the drive from the external enclosure. Attach it directly to the motherboard with the appropriate data and power cables. If it works, celebrate. If it does not, note whether it can be seen in Windows Explorer, Disk Manager, Device Manager, and BIOS (in descending order of goodness).

2) If the drive does not show up anywhere, ask back here for help from some of the more extremely experienced people. First, check all the connectors for bent, broken, or missing contacts. Does the drive even spin?

3) Assuming that it can at least be seen in the Disk Manager as a blank drive, try a partition recovery tool like EASEUS' (free) Partition Recovery: . This is to see if all that was corrupted was the drive's partition information

4) Failing that, a recovery package that will read the drive sector-by-sector and try to reconstruct the files. Usually free to scan and recover one file, then 50 to 70 bucks to recover the rest.



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