Remove HP code purple


Dec 27, 2011
so iv been reading up on some of the ways to remove "code purple" and it comes on when i try to install windows on my computer. I am supposed to go to E:\hp\bin\CheckDMI\checkdmi.cmd and put a goto cleanup after the rem lines but that didnt work. Could i just delete hp off the harddrive all together? any ways to fix this?

this is the notepad of the E:\hp\bin\CheckDMI\checkdmi.cmd

@echo off
REM ************************************************************************
REM (C) Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
REM ************************************************************************

REM -----------------------------------------------------------------
REM Purpose:
REM Authenticate the DMI flags in each UUT by comparing the
REM DMI content in DMIinfo.ini with the actual DMI flags set in
REM the UUT. This is to ensure the software build we specified for
REM a given UUT is exactly what has been delivered to our customers.
REM Input:
REM c:\hp\support\DMIinfo.ini
REM Output:
REM If any discrepancy occurs, an error dialog will display the
REM localized messages during 1st boot, and the DMI info will be
REM output to c:\hp\support\CodePurple.log.
REM Called by:
REM The First Boot (via precmdline.cmd).
REM Note: Since not all DMI flags need to be checked, some are stored in
REM Exclude.txt:
REM 1. Build-ID => This can be different when switching HAL bit (32 vs 64)
REM 2. Serial Number => This is unique for each UUT
REM 3. SupportID => This value will be re-generated if the SerialNumber is modified.
REM 4. UUID => This is unique for each UUT
REM 5. OEMAuditBootLink => Irrelevant; Used during software build.
REM 6. ExtendOpt for 'DLPause' and 'MSc' => Irrelevant; Used during software build.
REM History:
REM 04/15/06 ss; Called the commonly shared function CompareDMI.cmd (used also by PrescreeDMI).
REM 12/22/06 ss; Modified code to discard case sensitivity.
REM -----------------------------------------------------------------
goto cleanup
pushd c:\hp\bin\CheckDMI
call SetVersion.cmd
echo CheckDMI [Version %DMI_REV%]
echo (C) Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

set PATH1=c:\hp\bin\CheckDMI
set CodePurpleLog=c:\hp\support\CodePurple.log

if not exist c:\hp\support\DMIinfo.ini (
echo "Cannot locate DMIinfo.ini. No DMI validation was performed." >%CodePurpleLog%
goto cleanup
copy c:\hp\support\DMIinfo.ini /y /v >NUL
c:\hp\bin\cPC_rDMI.exe /rall >DMIofUUT.ini

REM ----------------------------------------------
REM Compare the DMI contents
REM ----------------------------------------------
call CompareDMI.cmd CheckDMI
if "%DMI_ERRORLEVEL%" EQU "0" goto cleanup

start /w c:\hp\bin\MsgAction.exe "%title%: %message%"
shutdown.exe /s /t 0
goto end

REM -----------------------------------------------------------------
REM Found all matching DMI flags and clean up before exiting.
REM -----------------------------------------------------------------
if exist tmp.log type tmp.log
if exist %CodePurpleLog% del %CodePurpleLog% /q
if exist c:\hp\bin\CheckDMI rd c:\hp\bin\CheckDMI /s /q