Question Remove RFI/EMI while charging


Feb 4, 2016
Does anyone know if there are any extension cords with USB that protect from RMI/EMI? When I use wireless headphones or other electronics that produce sound or light some of them will have static noise or leds will flicker slightly. I know this is because of my extension cord. Although, my headphone do this reguardless of the power source EXCEPT for portable powerbanks. Meaning my house power source must have interference! Any ideas on how to fix this?


Retired Mod
Yes, have an electrician "earth" the house better and find any ground loops that exist, because it sound like you have some. Also, if you are plugging your tower into an extension cord or power strip, you need to not do that. You SHOULD be plugging your tower directly into the wall socket unless you have a very high quality industrial type power strip. That does not mean some piece of garbage from Monster, or Belkin, or Amazon basics. That means something from Tripp Lite, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, General Electric industrial, Leviton or a similar industrial grade brand and product line.

Other components, such as powered USB hubs, monitors, printers, etc. can be plugged into power strips, but your PSU should not be if at all possible. Nor should it be plugged into an extension cord unless it is the ONLY thing plugged into the extension cord AND the extension cord should be somewhere between 10-14 gauge. 16-18 gauge cords should not be used, well, depending on the length of the run, and in fact, cords shouldn't be used at all, but if you MUST, then it should be a high quality 15amp capable 10-14 gauge unit.

And yes, there are shielded extension cords, but again, I would not recommend using a 16 gauge or smaller unit.