Removed GPU, put into another computer, put it back, now really slow GTX 1070


Dec 10, 2017
Someone I knew had a computer that had stopped working apparently, since there was no display. I offered to help by testing if my graphics card, a EVGA GeForce GTX 1070, would produce any video output from that computer. I was hesitant, and now I guess I shouldn't have done it. At first, nothing seemed to happen, so after troubleshooting and restarting it, I decided to take back my graphics card and put it back into my computer.

First, I launched a video game, Overwatch, and all seemed fine in the menu, I could tell the GPU was running fine as before since its temperature was rising to around 64-68 degrees Celsius and I could hear the fan speed increasing. However, once in a multiplayer game, the temperature would never go above 50 degrees Celsius, around my idle temps at 47. There were also big FPS drops, and for the most part, my frames stayed around 35-45 fps, and barely hitting 60. I used to be able to run the game smoothly at 130+ frames, but now it seems as if the graphics card doesn't wanna work. All the other games I ran also showed low FPS counts.

~Even in simple things like internet browsing, I feel like it's slower than normal. Also sometimes now, I hear robotic sounds instead of normal sounds.

I have restarted my computer probably at least 10 times, but nothing seemed to work. I also tried a system restore to 12/5/2017, and moving it to the 2nd graphics card slot in my motherboard, where it currently is. Basically, I want my computer's performance to return to the way it was before

Here are my PC Specs:
CPU: i7-6700K @ 4.0GHz
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070
C Drive: 256GB SSD
RAM/Memory: 4 x 4GB 2133 MHz (16GB total)
OS: Windows 10

If there are any more details you need, I'll be happy to answer. Thank you.