Removing and replacing Nortbridge heatsink


Jun 12, 2009
Hi. The northbridge runs really hot when I run games (Portal 2, TF2, etc).
I would like to replace it with a better heatsink or even one with a fan, but I'm not sure how to remove it.

Attached is a badly drawn schematic of how the northbridge heatsink is attached to the motherboard. I tried to squeeze the two protuding 'fins' from the underside of the motherboard using some pliers, but I can't squeeze the fins tight enough to get them out of the hole in the motherboard

Some of them require you to pull a pin in the center of each pin(you can see the pin inside). Others just need a good squeeze. Needle nose pliers are best for this as you can squeeze and push while not blocking your view.

How hot are you talking?

The 9800 pro video card had the pull the center type, i have seen this on some boards as well, but not many


A lot of boards use those simple plastic snap pins. You should be able to squeeze them closed with needle nose pliers while pushing up to pop it out.
Once out you can use a small flat tip to bend it back into shape so you can reuse it. Its amazing how much force a little plastic clip can hold.


another thing that works well is to use a skinny tube type item that can push the pin closed while pushing it out. Like a click style pen. Take the pen and spring out and use the opening that the pen would come out to push the pin closed and out.

I like the pilot g2.07 for this.