Question Removing Shroud from Gainward GTX 970


Nov 30, 2020
Hey all!

I want to try and disassemble the GPU without having to unscrew the heatsink.

The reason for this is because there are some dust bunnies I cannot for the life of me get rid of that are stuck in between the fan and heatsink which is somewhat blocking the airflow. I tried everything from compressed air, leaf blower, getting a long thin leaf to try and pull it out, a knife through the heatsink fins, everything and it simply wont come out, the temperatures are fine, not having any heating issues but i just can't leave it alone. Its bothering me! (clean freak)

At the same time it's something I want to embark on and accomplish.

First things first, before this post I did a tone of research, mostly watching youtube videos of others disassembling their gpu's and for the most part it appears as though you can remove the shroud whilst still keeping the heatsink intact, long as you don't remove the 4 screws in the centre with the springs.

I even managed to find a video of my exact same model of GPU but something was different and I just want to get some clarity and advice before I go ahead and unscrew.

Here are the links to the videos.

[TUTO] : CLEANING MY OLD GRAPHIC CARD NVIDIA GTX 970 - YouTube (it's in french but at least you can see how the card I have specifically comes apart)

GPU fan dust cleaning ( graphics card ) how to tutorial - YouTube (another video showing how easy it is to take the cover off without the heatsink)

Now looking at those two video's it looks very straight forward, the only thing i'm not too sure on is the difference of the back on the fan side, my one is just straight up pcb whereas the one in the video is something else, almost like a seperate section/part entirely.

(my gpu)

I think instead of making the fan a seperate part its just underneath the pcb, I'm not sure.

Any information is appreciated, should I just go ahead and remove the circled screws and the shroud should come off?

Thank you :)