[SOLVED] Removing stock AM4 cooler from Ryzen 5 5600x

michael Q

Oct 13, 2014
So i've seen a few horror stories of trying to remove the cooler and ripping the cpu out with it, i took some thermal paste off it accidently when i installed it a few days ago so its running a bit hot and to fix this i've ordered a replacement improved cpu cooler and thermal paste but im a bit worried about removing the stock cooler so im wondering if theres a particular way to safely remove the cooler without ripping the cpu out with it, although im hoping it will be easy to remove since its only been installed like 4 days with most of the thermal paste likely not on it
Yep, just turn your PC on for a bit to warm up the cpu/paste. Also, you dont need to worry too much about ripping the CPU from the socket, it’s happened to me several times and the pins have always been fine afterwards


Feb 27, 2021
I dont think you will have any issues removing it.
Twist is a little before pulling straight up if you are nervous aafter removing mounting hardware. If it spins easy it should be fine to pull it up and out.