Mar 21, 2017
Hello everyone ! Below I posted 3 pictures that describe exactly the procedure I have to go through on my laptop every day, 3-4 times per dan, for several weeks now and I have no idea how to fix it. The main idea is that wireless network keeps shutting down on itself and it looks like the pictures i posted. Wireless internet keeps shutting down regardless of the winsock reset that I did, driver reinstallements, restarting pc, even reinstalling windows completely doesnt make it go away. In the troubleshoot it always says the same error, the gateway error. Which is also odd, the reason why I put the 2nd picture, all other wifies dissapear when this error occurs and when I fix it with troubleshooting, they come back. I want to verify does this mean my network card is fried and I need a new one or this problem can be fixed? Since i reinstalled windows and it didnt stop I'm running out of options what to do...please help !!