Question Repair Burnt GPU?

Apr 13, 2020
Hey guys, first post here. Joining this forum is long overdue so here it goes!

I have my old Gigabyte GTX 670 that is toasted from years ago. I've brought it out to make into a mini project to get going again.

I'm looking for any insight on how to repair it given that the damaged MOSFET is the only thing that I see broken on the card.

Is this repairable? How do I ID this particular part and where can I get it??

Before you say get a new GPU: this card is not needed, it's just something I'd love to work on for knowledge-sake. I have a soldering iron and am ready to use it 🔫

This last pic is after I scraped of the burnt crust. This is what it currently looks like.

The other side of my gpu shows now signs of damage.

Thanks for looking (and hopefully sharing your insight).



Jun 13, 2015
You need to look up the schematic of that GPU, and buy the components online that are burnt/busted. A heat gun with flux is highly recommend to de-solder the burnt components, but you could use a soldering iron with a copper wick with flux. It just won't be as fast and clean.

You also need a multi-meter to check the conductivity of each contact point, to ensure that there are no shorts. If there is a short, you need to back trace it and fix it.

This video covers something similar, and should give you an idea on what to do. Also, I highly recommend you watch Louis Rossmann on YouTube as he does this stuff for a living.

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Apr 13, 2020
Thanks for the reply Manga, I'll check out this channel over the days.

I do have a multi-meter and will get some flux and a heat gun to add to my tools thanks for the suggestion.

As for schematics, that's the first thing I looked for... and to no avail. I can't find any schematics for this card, if any of you can that would be greatly appreciated.

Its a Gigabyte GTX 670.

It looks like that schematic is really the crux of this whole problem, unless there's a way to find out what that component is without one.