[SOLVED] Repair in WD data diagnostic software

Oct 15, 2018
I have 4 bad sectors in the hard drive. It's a fairly new drive (6 months) and only drives in PC with the system on it. I suppose it happened due to an accidental power cut.
If I pressed repair will it break my system? The system is working fine without any BSOD so assumed all bad sector isn't where the system files are. I do have a backup of photos and stuff that I don't wanna lose. (WD doesn't have much good support network where I live, Replacing drive is more hectic.)
or do you have any good idea?
anything on it of value should be backed up elsewhere sooner rather than later...

you can then try to click 'repair' if you are adventurous, if/once you have nothing to lose... 'if' the drive suffered a partial head crash, realize that doing detailed full read/write surface verifications will likely only hasten it's demise...

Does CrystalDiskInfo show the drive in yellow health status?

If the drive fails WD's tests, it would seem worth it to pursue replacement under their warranty, unless of you think the shipping costs would exceed the $30-$35 a new one would cost...

WD's Lifeguard testing software: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=3&lang=en
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