Question Repair indexing, seeking alternative ?


Mar 17, 2020
I need help getting an alternative to my methodology, and need another solution to the following problem.

I am a strong supporter/user of a program called Folder Tidy, it takes a bunch of files (by type) and puts them from one source, all into another destination, so by the end of it, every subfolder is empty and you just have a bunch of (in my case) jpg images in a new destination.

I do this because Monterey won't shuffle your photos, if they are in subfolders, they all need to be individual files in one place.

I also use 4K Stogram, on a bunch of instagram accounts I follow, I refresh it, it puts the images in folders, Folder Tidy empties them into a destination and I clone that destination and use it for my shuffling images.

Recently I have found out that Folder Tidy only works if the metadata is there for the source destination and the source has been properly indexed, and recently I have convinced myself that there must be something wrong with my indexing, regardless of Terminal checks (code included volume is named 2019)


mdutil -s /Volumes/2019/


Because FolderTidy is not working as it should.

Is there any kind of alternative I can use?

People have suggested Hazel to me before and I found that really confusing to use.

Python code has also been suggested to me, but I don't know the first thing, and I am extremely hesitant about using code I don't understand. At the moment I a forced to use EasyFind to drag the folder in, search by kind, and copy every image it finds, it is very tiresome and time consuming.

I know that Mac comes with Automation, Is there an automation someone could write for me that would empty every folder in a destination of jpg images, folder by folder, and put them into a new destination? I would have thought that would be pretty straight forward, but I can't get it right.

Also is there anyway of knowing if there is something wrong with indexing on Monterey?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.