Repairing a corrupted SSD


Aug 19, 2013
Hello everyone,

Recently I was using windows update. My whole computer froze and did nothing for 3 hours or so, as much as I am aware I shouldn't, I held the power button to shut down. The windows 8 OS was located on my SSD.

After this, I was unable to boot into windows properly. I could also not use the repair functions provided on the windows 8 disk, because I got a message saying the drive was locked when trying to refresh and a message saying a required partition is missing when trying to reset. I checked the BIOS and saw it did not recognize the SSD at all anymore (except for 2 of the maybe 100 restarts Ive done, but this did not seem to make any practical difference). This also made it impossible to use linux based software such as gparted to try and clean this up, as the disk could not be located.

So I installed Windows on my HDD instead and that worked fine. But when I went to device manager I saw my SSD there. However I was unable to initialize the drive: ""The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

After restarting, my pc couldnt boot Windows and automatically started the automatic repair function. Which failed to achieve anything. I have unplugged the SSD and it still gave me the error, implicating a fault with my HDD, but reinstalling windows 8 again has allowed me to gain acces to my computer once more. However, I fear that I would have to go through this again in case I restart again.

So, because my SSD is being detected by Windows, I was wondering if I there are any programs that will allow me to whipe the entire content of the drive, so I can go back to installing windows on this SSD. I believe there is some miscommunication now as to where on my computer the files to boot Windows should be coming from.

Sorry for the long post, I thought I might miss any crucial information otherwise.

Thank you all

Might help if you identify the SSD
Found this on OCZ drive:
All types of drives being locked by Win8 unfortunately is an all too common issue. I have never been able to successfully recover any data when this happens. I can only suggest Secure Erasing the drive with either the OCZ Bootable Tools or the Windows based OCZ Toolbox and performing a fresh install or restoring a backup if that exists.

And for Intel 320

And this for a Samsung SSD
Freeze Locked:
Basically "Freeze Locking" your SSD will not let it be allowed to be Secure Erased. If the UEFI/BIOS recognizes the SSD as plugged in at boot up then it will lock it. If you plug in the SSD after the computer is on then it will not be locked and it should be able to be Secure Erased normally.

1. If your SSD is being "Freeze Locked" or not showing up then try this:
You will get an option to put the PC to sleep, try that first then try to Secure Erase again

2. If that still does not work:
When you put the PC into sleep mode make sure you have any USB devices unplugged from the system and the Parted Magic USB/Live CD as well.

3. If that doesn't work try below on top of the other suggestions:
... 1.Reboot
... 2.Enable AHCI mode in the UEFI/BIOS and "hot swap" on the SATA ports
... 3.Save & exit
... 4.Turn off the computer
... 5.Unplug EVERYTHING on your SATA ports except for your CD/DVD drive
... 6.Turn on and boot to Parted Magic
... 7.When in the main GUI plug your SSD into a normal SATA 2 port


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