Repairing damage done by a Virus


Aug 23, 2014
I had a virus that I was able to remove, but some things are now having issues working properly, like audio, some applications, and opening url links.

I was wondering if there is a way for me to fix the damage that has been done, or if i must do a clean install.

If i must do a clean install, does anyone know of a way to transfer over games onto a clean install and have it run properly? Whenever I try to copy over files of a game it usually has problems running at all. Perhaps there are some key files(maybe in the registry) that I should also be copying over.

If I had half decent internet speeds I wouldnt mind reinstalling, but it would take ages and im wondering if there's an alternative.


Thanks everyone


Nov 29, 2015
There is a Windows Repair tool that should fix all of these issues for you. You can download for free here:

Just do each step in the tool and then the repair at the end. I would also suggest you change your passwords if there was a particularly nasty bit of malware like a trojan.

I would try this first and if need be I can talk you through a windows 10 install if need be and show you where to get the installation disk.
Games like all programs must be reinstalled to function properly. Copy and restore your save games. The games don't have to be redownloaded if using steam. Just copy paste the files into the steam game dir and launch and steam will reinstall automatically. For origin I believe you need to start the download, pause it, copy the files in,resume, and it should finish and install as well.

For Steam use the backup/restore functionality built in. In Steam on the top left menu click "Steam" then "Backup and Restore games...". If you do it this way make sure to only do one game at a time. If you do them all at once it creates one large file with all the games. If you do them individually it is much easier to update the backups in the future.

For games that don't use Steam Cloud Sync do as unksol said and copy your saves (make sure you find the correct ones!). Any other service I cannot be of assistance because I do not use them. Things like GOG games you can just copy the installers to your backup device.

This is all assuming you have some form of device to backup these programs to that isn't your OS drive.