Repartitioning hard drive vista without losing data


Apr 3, 2010

Can somebody help pleease? I have my hard disk partitioned into two portions. C drive has 14GB and D drive has 134GB. C is now completely full, i want to shrink D down a little and extend C. There are 44GB free on D. I'm running Vista and I know about using the Disk Management tool and how to use it... My question really is Am i going to break anything /loose anything or completely wreck my computer /Drives /data by doing this? Vista came per-installed so i dont have the windows disk.

....Can anybody help please?? Thank you !!


Apr 2, 2010
*****Backup your data first before doing this. I can't garantee that it will work properly*****

I can't really think on how to do it. I know that you can do the C drive without affecting data on it, but D drive is I think is a bit...impossible..unless if you delete the partition (in which delete everything on it) and then expand the C drive, then create the empty D drive again...

You might try getting a software off the internet and then burning into a CD and then boot the computer from the CD and repartition using that software. Its called GParted, inside a live CD Linux (sorry for my messy english). You could start by downloading, burning, and running "SystemRescueCD". After running the SystemRescueCD, wait until its ready then type StartX. Now have a look around the desktop that you get and look for GParted.

Select your hard drive, and it should show two partitions. Modify it (I can't remember how, should be like click-and-drag) the D Drive and make it smaller, then drag it to the end, then drag the C drive bigger. *****

But it is not garanteed that it will work with your computer. If typing StartX blanks your screen and then it sends you back to the "command prompt" like screen, then I don't know how to go from here

*****Backup your data first before doing this. I can't garantee that it will work properly*****