Question Repasted Thermal GPU, No signal, fans spinning, LED lights on.

Sep 27, 2023
My friend gave me his EVGA 2080 ti black edition. After gaming I noticed the fans on the 2080ti would ramp up to 4000 rpm when the GPU hit 74c (pretty annoying). I tried using the evga x1 to adjust the fan speed curve but that didn't work .

Numerous suggestions said to try reapplying thermal paste. So I went thru the process of doing that. But after putting everything back together, now on startup, the GPU lights up, fans spin at max and I get the "no signal. Computer works just fine with the old 1080 put back in!

The 2080ti also does the same thing when put in another working PC.

Did I just brick this 2080ti? Any help is greatly appreciated!