Question Repeating weird sound from the MSI laptop

Jul 13, 2020
Hello there,

MSI GT75 Titan 8RG laptop, was perfectly fine until a few weeks ago a sound would come out from inside. The same sound that you hear when you power off the laptop would sound (video with sound attached). Pretty sure it is not HDD or SSD. Not a speaker sound either.

The sound immediately stops when "Cooler boost" mode is enabled (both fans 5000rpm mode). Have no idea what might cause it, have cleaned my laptop once over a year of moderate use. (Just dust from the fans, didn't change thermal paste).

Sound appears randomly, mostly after half an hour or more of laptop being on. I could boot up the laptop and after half an hour of it not being used (no inputs given from me) the sound would appear and not stop unless I enable the cooling mode at least for 10 seconds or so. Then the weird sound wouldn't happen for at a few minutes to hours or days.
It keeps making the sound at the different, but constant pace, every 3 to 8 seconds periods. Hopefully the video will explain the sound much better than I can in text.

Did not overclock or changed parts, I use a second monitor, but the issue doesn't stop if accessories are unplugged (including mouse and headphones). It keeps making the sound even if unplugged from the power source (after the sound started already). I don't use the laptop on battery power usually, but I tried to test if the the sound would appear without it being plugged in the first place, and the sound still appeared after almost 40 minutes of battery power use.

CPU temperature doesn't go higher than 70 degrees Celsius, at max 75-80 while playing games. GPU temperature is much lower than that even under stress.
Used VR headset with the laptop almost half a year ago, don't think it could have caused it.
Power management is always on High Performance since the purchase of the laptop (August 2018).

Laptop sometimes turns on in the middle of the night and tries to install Windows updates, but I think it is normal, at least after googling it, it seems like a normal behavior.

Not sure if there is anything else that I could mention, if any additional info needed - I will provide asap :)

Edit: it doesn't affect any performance or anything at all to my knowledge, just gives me anxiety that something is wrong and might break.