Question Replace internal DVD drive on Laptop with a 5-port SATA multiplier?

Jan 28, 2021
Hello Geekers,

I have 2 Toshiba laptops c855-s5319 and a c855-s5349n. Both have 1 usb 3.0, 2 usb 2.0 and 1 10/100 rj45. Both Intel processors.

I would like to repurpose 1 to be a NAS controller, software raid and or a media center.

If I buy a GbE dongle for the usb 3.0. Can I buy a 5 sata multiplier card and remove the DVD drive using sata and power extensions to run 5 sata drives?
I have also read in just 1 place that Intel does not support drive multipliers. I can not confirm this with google in these laptops.

I have tried a usb hub Gbe dongle and 2 3.5" sata drives with no success do to bottle neck and over heating. The usb hub is a 10 port 90w power supply and the 2 3.5 sata drives have their own power.

Is this a bad idea all around? Or is there a way that I am not thinking of trying? Port multiplier controller card - 5-port SATA to single SATA III - Expansion slot mounted 1:5 SATA 6 Gbps Port multiplier (ST521PMINT)