Question Replace Lenovo Y50-70 laptop battery with external power supply ?

Mar 3, 2021
I have a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop model 20378, which recently made a small explosion on the motherboard and since then the power supply with the adapter has not worked. I tried to repair or replace the motherboard, but it comes with a built-in processor and is very expensive for my buget.

I searched for various solutions on the internet until I came across this forum where I want to ask for advice on how to proceed. I would like to power this laptop through the battery socket from an external source (a power supply) but I got stuck, I connected on P + and P- to the battery socket the current specified on it of 7.4V but it did not start. I did something wrong?

Phillip Corcoran

How about replacing the charger/power adapter with a new one that's designed for your laptop model and plugs in to your laptop in the normal way ? Since you say the original power adapter stopped working that seems to me to be the most logical thing to do (unless the power jack on your laptop is faulty/damaged ).