Replace motherboard or upgrade to 8600k or preorder 9600k or AMD?


Nov 19, 2016
My current pc, used mostly for games often AAA in 4K:
i5 4670k,
gtx 1070
16gb DDR3

My motherboard has just died, is it worth upgrading CPU, (and so memory) my while I'm at it?

I don't like preordering things, but it seems that I might as well go for 9th gen rather than 8th if I am to upgrade anyway?

I am also assuming that intel is the best way to go as my main focus is gaming am I right?
It depends on, how much you're willing to spend.
Upgrade to 8600k or 9600k will require new motherboard as well as new DDR4 ram.

If you were satisfied with current performance, then just get a replacement motherboard.
If you're ok with 8600k/9600k upgrade expenses, then just go with it. I'd choose with i7-8700(k), if waiting is not preferable though.
If you want to wait till 9th gen becomes available, then wait and re-evaluate your options after.
I5 4670k is still more or less ok. There is only some bottlenecking on very few new processor heavy AAA games. Personally, I would not replace this yet.

but your current mobo is dead right?

If you want to upgrade I5 4670k, perhaps because e.g. if you play BF1 a lot, I would wait first until trusted sources have tested the new I5 9600k or I7 9700k or I9 9900k in details. Trust me, even if you hate waiting, you will want to see those tests first before buying anything.
You are basically seeing cats in a sack for those new Intel procs.

Another reason to wait is that because at the moment prices for Intel's processors went up quite a bit due to supply shortage problem :)

Even if you liked the red team, I would also still wait until the tests for those new Intel procs are up. Perhaps AMD will cut the price down a bit.

For now, really try to wait!
but...your PC is basically dead without a working mobo...

Or just go blindly for I5 9600k or I9 9900k...I kinda do not like the idea of 9700k with the 8 cores with no HT possibility.
going for newer options is always better than using older ones :)

Note: if your mobo is dead, you might as well go for new procs and not just try to find mainboard replacement...but hey that is just me...