Question replace the psu or the mobo?


Sep 29, 2019
I've been having trouble getting my computer to start and to get to windows for a few days now.

I used another pc with the same motherboard to test my parts.

The second pc runs fine with all my ram in it, my ssd and my graphics card.

The few times I could get to bios or the windows start screen I had to plug my hdmi cable directly into the motherboard. I tried two different types of cables and get no output from the graphics card in my pc.

It usually crashes before I can even get to the windows login. Or it hangs on the windows logo with the balls.

I'll look up the specs if anyone wants them but its literally the same model motherboard in both pcs and all my parts work in the second one fine, other than the psu and mobo.

I also haven't added any new hardware in a year or something so I doubt thats it.

Is there something I can do to tell if its the motherboard or the PSU without dismantling everything and swapping psus?

I forgot about the CPU, could that be it? I'll probably swap them tomorrow to test.
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not much to do to test motherboards except build a basic bread-boarded system around them using known functioning parts and see if they work correctly together.

to test a power supply's capability you'd have to stress it a bit more though.
some are fine with low power draw but can't handle higher sustained usage.

before purchasing new components you want to ensure you're not wasting money or time on returns, etc.
definitely check the power supply in another system to tell if it has malfunctioned in some way.

provide all of your system specs including make/model and age of the power supply.