Replace VGA/DVI with HDMI


Dec 8, 2011
Hi, could you tell me if this is even possible?

Replace (by soldering/modifying, etc.) one of the video out ports on a motherboard, for a standard HDMI port that will also output sound.

On, for example, this board:

I know I can purchase VGA/DVI to HDMI converters/adapters, but I'd like to know if I can install the port directly on the motherboard.

VGA uses analogue signals in red, green and blue to send picture data. HDMI uses encoded and encrypted digital data to feed the monitor, both are totally different chips with diff architecture.
Even if you could get the HDMI on there, its unlikely that the motherboard would even recognize it or be able to interact with it.

Even if you attached it perfectly so that it was to the letter exactly the same as it should be for it to be functional, it probably won't be functional because there is no BIOS update to make it work as an HDMI port.

So the answer to the question is kinda irrelevant.