Question Replace Windows 10 Home OEM Digital License with Windows 10 Pro OEM Digital License


Nov 7, 2008
I have tried various recommendations found on the Internet for replacing a Windows 10 Home OEM Digital License with a Windows 10 Pro OEM Digital License, but have had no success (various errors).

One of the recommendations from Microsoft (a few years ago) was to enter a bulk license activation key for Pro (they provided) as a place-holder, then once Pro was activated, replace the key with the one from the scratch-off on the OEM DVD package (I have). However, it will not accept any license activation code I enter.

Apparently something has changed in the activation process. I don't mind reinstalling Window from scratch, but I'm worried I will have to wipe the current license from the BIOS, and have heard of issues with corrupted tables, etc.

If anyone has worked around this issue recently (short of paying the $99 for a digital-only upgrade), let me know what you did. My only other alternative I thought of would be to install Windows 7 Pro and transfer the Windows 7 Pro license from a PC I am decommissioning, then use that to upgrade to Windows 10 (but again worry about the presence of the Windows 10 Home digital license still in the BIOS).
You are going through hoops to avoid the upcharge for PRO.
Most home users get no benefit from PRO.
If you do want PRO, there should be an option on your current windows to buy the upgrade.
I think it merely activates code which is already present.
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