Question Replaced 2600 with 5800x cpu into my b450m mortar: Computer Posts But Gives Error 0xc000000e

Aug 10, 2022
After accidentally installing my cpu without updating the bios(I noticed because it didn't post), I updated my bios to the version of 7B89v1I2 to make sure my 5800x cpu would be compatible with my b450m mortar motherboard. I then tried to make it post again and it posted but gave error code 0xc000000e while i tried to boot into windows 10. I tried using a flashdrive with windows 10 on it to get it to repair or reinstall it but it refuses to work. Does anyone have any advice to boot up windows? I tried putting my old cpu back in and it gave the same error.

Deleted member 362816

Did you follow the instructions to update bios by bios or did you jump right to the newest one. b450 is a bit touchy