Question Replaced Hard Drive in Asus ROG now its no longer showing splash screen on boot.

Jul 18, 2019
So I have an Asus Rog G750JW. Couple weeks ago the hard drive died in it, I came to this conclusion because upon booting it was stuck doing disc error checking. So I went out AMD bought a new hard drive and popped open the bottom and easily replaced it. However now it doesn't show any bios options or splash screen upon boot. So I have these details for troubleshooting based off some fiddling.

The LEDs for keyboard turn on as well as fans but no signs of life on displays.
I've plugged in and unplugged a monitor in case it was the monitor built in to the laptop.
Computer instantly shuts off when I press power button meaning it's getting nowhere, however when the old hard drive is in I have to hold it.
The Disc LED shows some activity upon starting up but then not much after that, led remains steady with old hard drive in.
I've taken out 1 of the ram cards but the other one is under some sort of circuit board and I'm not sure it can be accessed easily however in videos I've looked up this is not the case. I figured maybe I had knocked one lose or something.
I've taken out both the hard drive and one ram stick and still the same issue. What else could it be i dont think I fried the video card bcuz I'm not sure if I've even touched it, and without a hard drive and 1 ram stick it should at least show something. The other option would be to try and take out the other ram stick but I dont get why it's under something like that.