[SOLVED] Replaced HDD with SSD and now cannot boot Win Creation tool from USB ?

Aug 29, 2021

Not a total idiot here.. (managed to swap my own PC's HDD to an SDD recently)

Anyhow trying to do the same for my sons PC.
Took the HD out replaced with an WD 2.5 and am trying to to do a fresh windows install.
Thing is I cannot boot the windows creation tool from the USB despite trying everything. I continually get the error 'an operating system wasn't found'
I've enabled all USB compatibility options. I've downloaded the exe file again. I've used different USB ports.

When I don't have the USB plugged in I get the error 'reboot and select proper boot device or insert media boot media in selected boot device and press a key'
The USB is recognised in BIOS (as is the new SSD) and I've made sure the boot order is correct etc. I selected UEFI, enabled secure boot.
Only weird thing is when I disable CSM compatibility and F10 it restarts and sends my quickly back into BIOS

I've also updated the bios etc but still getting nowhere.
MOBO is an AS Rock H81-M HDS

Thanks in advance for any support


UEFI support in some BIOSes may act little weird when it come to fresh install. It require wiping out existing drive content manually then. And sometimes also switching new drive partition table type to GPT manually. However must likely OP didn't made Windows 10 installer USB flash drive correctly. There is an instruction how to do it:

How to create USB for clean install of Windows 10

And use USB flash drive with at least 8 GB capacity.