Question Replaced Laptop Battery and the Adapter Makes a Short Fizzing Noise and Will Not Charge

Jul 17, 2020
Hey all,

I have an ASUS N56JN in which I've just replaced the laptop battery. Some time ago I opened the laptop for interest and from that point the seating of the original laptop battery was probably affected.

Eventually the laptop battery died and would not charge. I bought a new one on Amazon some years later, because the charger powered the laptop fine, but I missed having the mobility.

The new battery powers the laptop on, even though the fit is a little offset (the lock will only click 80% of the way to seat the battery).

The new battery will power the laptop, but will not take a charge. Instead, the adapter makes a strange, short fizzing noise, like there is an electrical backfeeding of some sort. This did not happen with the old, dead battery plugged in.

I'm going to try to seat the battery better, but I'm thinking when I opened the laptop I may have damaged the charging circuit in some way. Does my thought process seem to be on the right track with this, or is it possible I bought a faulty battery that will not take a charge?
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