Question Replaced motherboard, CPU, PSU, and STILL won't post.

Jul 6, 2021
So this all ocurred after I bought a new SSD drive, the Intel 670p 1TB, and added it to the additional ssd slot.

The original computer was:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel 7700k
PSU: 650W
Graphics Card: Nvidia
SSD1: Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe
SSD2: Intel 670p M.2

When I inserted the Intel 670p into the upper SSD slot (as it was free), it all booted just fine but my HDD disappeared (not the SSD), and the Intel SSD wouldn’t show up though I could see it in my device manager. Found out it was because of SATA stuff, tried changing BIOS settings and that didn't work, so I swapped my SSD drive locations and that is when suddenly my computer wouldn't POST and it was just black screen (but I could verify it was powering on, even the keyboard would blink with power when I plugged it in, etc.).

I tried switching the SSDs back but nothing worked. I tried taking out every component one by one, until there was nothing but the CPU, PSU, and motherboard basically and still wouldn't turn on.

I tried everything I could think of. Took out the CMOS battery, tried resetting (not sure if I did it right, etc.) and nothing worked. Eventually I gave up and just bought a BRAND NEW CPU AND MOTHERBOARD, thinking that would solve the problem since I thought somehow the BIOS/motherboard got screwed up.

So I installed the new Asus Prime Z490-P with a new Intel 10700k,and plugged everything in (yes both the SSD drives but in the slots the manual said I think), and when I pressed the button to start, it didn't post.

THen I thought well, maybe the new motherboard has higher PSU requirements, so I used PC part picker and upgraded my 650w PSU to a 850w PSU.

Still, no POST. Tried taking everything out again except the bare minimum (motherboard, cpu, and PSU) and still it won't post.

What the hell is going on? I basically replaced every part and it won't post still. It seems like any computer that the SSD are plugged into becomes unable to POST. What causes that?
With changing PSU you have to be extra careful.
Are both your PSUs modular? Did you use old PSU cables with your new PSU?

Modular PSU cables are not interchangeable between different PSU models. Using wrong cables can damage/kill hardware connected.


Oct 30, 2020
Would maybe suggest try boot no drives attached and 1 stick ram see can get it to post. If works out ok then add back 1 at a time. Just went thru sort of same here when gpu died and started replacing things that made some kind of sense. Very frustrating when happens took me long time to sort out and really needed pc. Good luck with diagnosis :)
Jul 6, 2021
Nothing is fixing it even with no drives attached and with no RAM or just one stick of RAM. Motherboard still won't post. Just black screen. Power comes on, fan spinning. I don't understand. I replaced everything except I used the same SSD (yes, I took it out but still won't post).

What can be done... why would installing a 2nd SSD cause the computer to be unable to post?